Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome to my LitRPG Books Blog!

This blog is for all LitRPG authors and readers. As this is a new and burgeoning sub-genre (a mix of science-fiction and fantasy), the more visibility the genre gets the better. Am I right? Stay tuned for more posts about LitRPG Books, including possible interviews from LitRPG authors you know and love as well as those who are up and coming. Small smile.

In all seriousness, welcome aboard and thanks for reading. Feel free to subscribe or share the posts here. I've also set-up a LitRPG Books Group on Google+. More on that later. For now, bookmark the site and wait for all the great content that's coming. LitRPG is a passion of mine, and I hope to share a smidgen of my enthusiasm with you.

LitRPG for life! I can't update this blog a lot, but you'll find me at the LitRPG Forum if I'm not in my writing cave working!

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