Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heard About the LitRPG Podcast?

If you haven't heard about or checked out the LitRPG Podcast by Ramon Mejia, I recommend you check it out as soon as possible. Once a week, he does a YouTube video with LitRPG News, Reviews, and more. His sense of humor makes the show more enjoyable, of course, but it's all the great guests like Blaise Corvin, Travis Bagwell, Dakota Krout and others that make the show super-wonderful. (Plus One you might say? Small smile.)

Anyway, as I said, go check out the podcast for lovers of LitRPG by a man who is passionate about our burgeoning genre that blends science-fiction with fantasy! I highly suggest you listen to at least a few episodes before you make a decision about whether it's for you or not. The upcoming LitRPG Books section of the show is really helpful to know what's coming out in the genre in the near future. Overall, it's worth your time.

You can find Ramon on Twitter at @LitRPGPodcast

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