Saturday, January 21, 2017

Free LitRPG Web Novels? You Bet.

This is the first post of many to come with free LitRPG web novels you can read online. First up, we have my new LitRPG series - Tower of Gates. The first book, Goblin, is going up on Royal Road Legends and WattPad.

Goblin: Tower of Gates Book One

Ever dream of being trapped in a virtual reality video game?
Read on, adventurer.
Sarah, Eric and Josh secretly log onto the new Tower of Gates VRMMORPG and stumble on a world unlike any they have seen before. Swords, sorcery, and intrigue abound. While not planning on staying in the unreleased game long, game life happens.
They soon learn the stakes are even higher than they imagined. To survive, they will need all their strength, courage, and wisdom, not to mention help from friendly NPCs, magic items, and everything else uncovered as they delve deeper into the game.
One more level becomes a matter of life and death.

Stay tuned for more great FREE LitRPG novels on the web at Royal Road Legends, WattPad, and elsewhere on the web where we find it - like the LitRPG Forum.

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